Electronics Kits for all Levels


Kits are a fun way to jumpstart an electronics interest, refresh some skills with a low-entry cost, or jumpstart previous progress with a fun output. We go over our favorite Starter Items & Soldering Irons if you need to stock up your workshop or update some tools.

RadioShack Online offers Game Kits which can be finished in a couple of hours and Jameco Electronics has an average range of kits from $10-50 for all skill levels.

Soldering Kits we especially love:

For kids ages 5 & up (plenty of STEM learning and no soldering required):

Best Soldering Irons

Best Soldering Irons and Starter Items

Photo credit Jamie Harmon

Students beginning on their electronics journey are in for an exciting ride. A few simple tools can transform anyone’s home, garage, or desk into a workspace to tinker, learn and grow into an engineer.  

After we teach our Intro to Electronics – Soldering Class people often ask what tools we use and how can they re-create our set up at home. Here are the best items to get your student started. 

Best Soldering Irons

Great soldering irons have never been so affordable and they range from basic (perfect for your first timer) to digitally controlled, multi-tipped machines (perfect for your forever-soldering iron).

Helping Hands

Helping Hands keep your project at exactly the right angle and placement you need to ensure a success Soldering or Connection of Wires.

Electronics Kit Materials

Add these essential items to your workshop so you’ll never be without the materials you need to Solder and Tinker with your projects a little bit everyday.