HungryFire Workshop offers in-class or in-business education for a basic or artistic electronics journey. We will craft a fun course that helps you grow in your artistic soldering and electronics skills.

Soldering is at the core of every electronics project. In our classes students will learn how to solder a point-to-point LED flashlight and LED blinky light. Instructor Gino Barzizza will show you tips and tricks to get you started on your journey into DIY electronics. Classes include introduction to electrical theory, and hands-on building of a LED flash circuit using capacitors, resistors, integrated circuits (IC, switches, LEDs, and batteries. Finally, students will modify a toy to act as an enclosure for their circuit. In the world of DIY electronics there is always something more to learn. These classes are a series in which students will build on their skills.

example of Intro to Electronics 101 class

For Businesses, Schools, and Private Electronics Classes, we can support you on your journey: